Focused Information to Assist in Bringing ARKANSAS INDIVIDUALS Together


You have arrived at the Arkansas section of TAKEBACKOURFREEDOM.COMThis section has been created to assist Arkansas businesses and residents in restoring the lost freedoms from the COVID-19 pandemic as well as going one long over-due step further and securing all  of the individual freedoms we have lost over the past 100 years.



The publications section will provide you with highlighted executive orders to debunk the myth that we must follow these draconian regulation by law. Nothing could be further from the truth. Constitutionally protected God-Given rights are being trampled on. Our economy is being trashed. And, this will continue until we the people, step up to the plate and BE THE CHANGE.  

Evil prevails because good men do nothing. And, it is time to change that, and TAKE BACK OUR FREEDOM.



The events section will be to post public events and private meetings of members of TAKE BACK OUR FREEDOM. These events will be created from within our FREEDOM SOCIAL NETWORK.

You probably found your way here through the domain name: You are now a part of a nationwide effort to regain our lost freedoms. You will be able to communicate in groups specifically related to Arkansas. But, you will also be able to share experiences with people and businesses all over the country. In this way, we can help each other find what works and what doesn’t.



There is an extremely important education to be obtained here. Learn everything that is on the entire website. It is the information you need to explain to people what has happened, and to provide a solution. It is an important first step to have a place, online, to communicate with like-minded individuals. But, it is imperative that you know the talk, walk the walk, and get out there and share this information. You should never be wearing a mask… ever. If you are wearing a mask when you are trying to convince someone that it is not required, you will not get very far. You must be willing to challenge any business that tells you to wear a mask while inside.  You must do this with great diplomacy. Because, you want to bring these store owners into the realm of saving our economy and our livelihoods. 



So, get started! Look over the publications. Print them. Edit them to suit your needs. Distribute them and send those letters to businesses that are inadvertently infringing on our rights. Talk to them and help them understand the truth. And, bring them into this group of like-minded people that will not rest until our freedoms are restored.