Vaccines cause illnesses

Given how we are in a time when the obvious mainstream push is for mandatory vaccination of the entire population, it is quite important to get the word out that not only are vaccines abysmal failures at their intended tasks, but they are also extremely dangerous to the health of the populace.

A quick look at the 2020 Chaos page will make it clear that history is replete with the damages of vaccines, the rejection of them, and then the recurrent push for new vaccines.

cdc has no studies!

In a recent landmark case, ICAN network made an FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request for information from the CDC. They were asking for the studies to back up the CDC’s claim that the DTap vaccine does not cause Autism.

After many months no information was forthcoming. ICAN ended up suing the CDC in federal court. The CDC signed and conceded that they have no studies to back up their claim.[1][2]

The list of studies presented by the CDC had zero studies that disproved a causal link, and one study that actually indicated that there may be a link.[3]

Their lawsuit has brought forth evidence that vaccine safety has been neglected for over 30 years, and as we know it is nothing but a sham, showing that the government agencies we are to trust are not doing their jobs to ensure and improve the safety of immunizations.[4]

The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 compels DHHS to take responsibility for improving efficacy and safety of vaccines; and charges them with continuous monitoring and improving of adverse event reporting. The 


Their lawsuit has brought forth evidence that vaccine safety has been neglected for over 30 years.

DHHS is also tasked with providing a report on improvements by the Mandate for Safer Childhood Vaccine clause to the Congress at least every 2 years.[5]

The fact that this brings to the forefront that “no biennial reports have ever been filed”, should be cited in every person’s documents for refusal of vaccines.

The Resources section of this site has an ever-growing number of vaccine-related documents. This case will end up being included as a citation to future or edited versions of current documents.

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