“lockdown proof” your way of life

First, let us acknowledge the reality that executive orders do not apply to living flesh and blood beings. They are a tool of the executive branch of government that is solely for the purpose of disseminating protocol and procedures to the executive branch of government. Neither on a federal or state level, were such orders intended to be imposed upon the people. It has been through deception that people are left believing that they must obey. The purpose of our form of government is to protect us from dictators. But, we must be awake and smart enough to NOT fall for this deception.

That said, it has long held, that government may not intervene, regulate, or prohibit the execution of a private contract… an agreement between people. As as example, the state government of Texas had long since prohibited the sale of alcohol in many counties. The private contract (Private Member Association) has been employed in Texas, by bar owners, so that they may serve alcohol. Each time a person enters a bar, they sign a private membership agreement, which is a private contract between the owner of the bar and the person signing. Since no government agency can impede the execution of a private contract, business goes on as it should. Free of government intervention.

Society has long forgotten (so very sadly), that government derives its power from the consent of the people. It is the people that establish government to serve the needs of the people. Somehow, today, everyone seems to accept the fallacy that government controls the people and that is just the way it is. Our forefathers would be rolling over in their graves.

“We delivered to you, a Republic. Now, it is your job to keep it.”

              —- Benjamin Franklin

While we are working to wake up the common man, and restore our Republic, we can use the private agreement to conduct our affairs during these times of attack upon the Republic.


Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports, and other heinous measures may be with us for awhile. But, we do NOT have to let that stop our livelihoods. 

USA BARTER, PMA has been established as a nationwide membership association in which customers and product and service providers can join together, in order to go about their exchange of goods and services unimpeded by federal and state orders, mandates, guidelines, and laws (statutes).

There is a one-time fee of $10.00 which will be used to maintain servers and any necessary equipment and personnel to provide listings (by city, by country, by state) so that members can find each other to conduct their affairs.

All members will be notified via email, once the listings become available. A link to a webpage will be provided, as soon as possible.

Please join today, and help in the effort to restore all of the lost freedoms that the American people have suffered.