NC – Definition of emergency

The definition in Chapter 166A, “The North Carolina Emergency Management Act”, provides the only definition of a “State of Emergency” that I could find in North Carolina Code.
The definition is as follows:

(1a)  Disaster. – An occurrence or imminent threat of widespread or severe damage, injury, or loss of life or property resulting from any natural or man-made accidental, military or paramilitary cause. 

According to this definition, there was never any valid reason for declaring a state of emergency. There was never any indication of an unusually large number of people dying in North Carolina. Further, after the first 30 days was implemented, it became even more obvious that no unusual increased number of people were dying.

The acts of:
  • Forcing people to behave in irrational ways, actually contributing to hypercapnia and hypoxia, and
  • shutting down and destroying businesses
has all been done without any legitimate state of emergency.
This document is available in the Resouces section under North Carolina. It can also be downloaded from this page. Letters and meetings with the governor must be made and call for him to address the public on this account. Causing health issues for individuals, and destroying businesses of the people are no doubt a criminal act considering there was never a valid state of emergency for the Governor to create any mandates. Furthermore, it is an abomination that all of these many months have passed without any major deaths or pandemic, and the measures remain in force.