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All current donations will be used to sustain and promote current petitionS, OUR WEBSITES AND OUR NOVIRUS.TV AND TAKEBACKOURFREEDOM.TV STREAMING TV STATIONS. Please sign the petition if you haven’t, and share it with as many people as humanly possible. Our future freedoms depend on our actions.



This site is currently a new project. One that is desperately needed in these times when every mainstream media outlet, including Facebook and Youtube, is making it virtually impossible to spread the truth and communicate with other individuals. Everyone is afraid of a false-flag pandemic and their ability to congregate online and get to the bottom of all this is seriously hampered.

We need a place where we can come together, state by state, and nationally, and make plans that call our officials, our businesses, foundations, and major industries to task for operating in lockstep to destroy free enterprise and personal freedom everywhere.

The education provided herein, as to the basic structure of law… And, the  Resource and Forum sections are critical tools in the people’s efforts to organize and act timely to end this reign of tyranny.

Your donations will be used to propagate the existence of this site, and to pull in as many freedom-seeking individuals as quickly as possible, so serious collaboration can be employed.