Executive Orders

You know, everyone is always talking about “executive orders”. These are very much against the grain of a “republic”.
The purpose of legislative bodies are to prevent dictatorship. Yet. The people have unwittingly accepted “executive orders” as a means of ordering the public… as “law”. They were intended to be for “administrative use”. Not to rule “the people”.
The government that “the forefathers” created was a government that served the people. We have allowed it to turn around.
Executive orders are not law.
You can not be fined.
You can not be arrested.
You can not be ordered to close businesses.
You can not be ordered to wear masks.
You can not be fired.
Any efforts of a tyrannical executive branch must be challenged.
All across America there are challenges that meet with success. Though, the MSM and politicians either stifle the news or villainize those seeking justice.
We “the people” must stand up together, deny the intended dictatorship, take it to court and restore our freedom by putting the “executive order” concept in check.
This is true on a federal level as well.
For decades we have allowed executive orders to be treated as law.
If we the people want our freedom back. We must attack this issue like a pit-bull… and we have no time to lose.