Declaration Against Medical Mandates



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If you believe you deserve a choice in what goes in, or on, your body, we ask that you sign the Declaration below. Doing so will help us show it’s a majority viewpoint. A majority public view can begin the change of laws and policy to achieve a fairer, better society for all.

Help us reach one million signatures worldwide in the next six months.

The information you provide below will help establish the validity of this Declaration and will NOT be shared with your employer or anyone else.

We, The Undersigned, Declare:


We are OPPOSED to medical mandates.  We wish to be fully informed of all facts relevant to our unique circumstances before making health decisions.  We wish to make our decisions freely, without pressure or fear of consequences.  And we hold the same power and responsibility over decisions for our minor children.


We are OPPOSED to misinformation, disinformation and coercion for medical intervention because these could lead us into decisions we would not otherwise make and/or actions that may be against our wishes.


There must be NO adverse consequences for those who decline medical intervention, or bodily interfence, for any reason whatsoever. 

1 thought on “Declaration Against Medical Mandates, Misinformation And Coercive Techniques

  1. April stamper says:

    I don’t want to be a lab rat or a part of their depopulation plan. We can’t give up or give in. No forced masks, tests or Covid vaccinations. Once they get power they will not give it up. We must defend our human rights and the constitution. I wish more would wake up!

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