Our Purpose

for being here


We wish to provide the general population with the resources to comprehend the current state of affairs that are a part of depriving flesh and blood human beings of their innate individuals’ freedoms.

We wish to provide the general population with a historic account of the inner workings of government manipulation that created the potential for the currently unfolding events.

We wish to provide an open forum for discussion, drafting, and implementation of procedures, documents, and constitutional courts (if needed), to bring about needed events and actions in all 50 states and on a federal level.


Gary Pfeffer




Gary has been an avid researcher of health-related issues for the past 20 years, inspired to do so, due to his father suffering a significant heart attack. Beginning with a study of pharmaceuticals, and then moving on to studies of specific diseases, it became apparent in a short time that the entire industry was actually about selling products and creating monopolies and mandates to further sales, rather than to have the purpose of creating and propagating optimal health.

These studies quickly moved into the realm of the legal and legislative processes, leading to a discovery that the people have actually voluntarily agreed to corporate law, which is not natural or common law. … A discovery that we have literally subjected ourselves to a criminal and civil system of “color of law” that is not legal without our voluntarily consent.

Gary’s primary drive in life is to get this information out to the general public so that “we the people” can take an active and necessary roll in restoring our freedom.






We who are involved in this project know that if we don’t employ wisdom now, we’ll lose our nation forever.  Time is of the essence.

We all know that something in our country is terribly wrong, or off balance, or at the very least, stranger than anything we’ve ever known.

As students of history, and knowing the stories of our Republic and its Founding Fathers, we know that the world we now live in is nothing like the future that Thomas Jefferson and the rest of the boys had envisioned.

In the Declaration of Independence, the Founders gave us the model for liberty and freedom. Their wisdom was to create a nation which was guided by Nature’s God and grounded by Nature’s Laws.

They told us we had unalienable rights, among them Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, and to secure those rights, we established a government among men.  When we gave other men, the ones we call the government, a portion of our power to do that one thing: to secure our Rights, they took that power and more, and more again. Now we find ourselves overpowered by those we trusted and, far from the government designed to provide benefit, not benefits; trust, not deception; harmony, not endless turmoil; peace, not endless wars and agency assault on the people; censorship, not the freedom to speak the truth; secure rights, not violate rights; secure liberty and liberties, not quarantine and confine; protect, not assault.

Our “public servants” have usurped our Powers, your Powers, and stealthily enslaved us all.

It now appears as if none of our “representatives” is willing to secure our unalienable Rights, to say no taxation without representation and to refrain from participation in war when we want to live in peace.

Perhaps it’s time to do what we should have always done:  Take full responsibility as the Government of the People and take care of the problem ourselves – and restore our Republic and our relationship with those who honorably and honestly receive the conscious consent of the governed.

What do you have to do to see who the real government is? Look in the mirror. The real government is standing in your shoes.